Compression Spring
This array of multipurpose compression springs is well known for its moisture proof surface, high flexibility and long lasting quality. These springs can absorb shock. Moreover, these springs can endure linear compression force to meet specific application needs.

Die Spring
Stainless steel made Die Springs have been specially designed for the most demanding working condition. These springs can bear static load and high shock load. These are wear and abrasion protected.

Extension Spring
Notable for their tightly woven coil structure, these extension springs are used as essential parts of washing equipments, toys, hardware accessories and truck hood. Made of stainless steel, these springs have wonderful tensile strength.

Garter Springs
Carbon steel made Garter Springs are helical springs that are used as essential parts of industrial equipments and automobiles, This product range has significant role in producing radial force required to run oil seal and drive belt of motor.

Heavy Duties Springs
Heavy Duties Springs are used as integral parts of metal working systems, hydraulic equipments and heavy duty vehicles. These stainless steel springs are suitable to bear heavy load. Long lasting quality is one of the key features of these springs.

Sheet Metal Components
This range of Sheet Metal Components can be availed in maximum 10 mm thickness. Polished or galvanized surface of this array of metal components can resist wear, corrosion and abrasion.

Torsion Springs
These highly flexible Torsion Springs are used as suitable mechanical medium where rotational energy can be stored and released by using connected mechanical parts. Long lasting quality and low maintenance design are the key aspects of these springs.

Wave Spring
Available with polished surface, this range of wave springs has significant role in bearing different ranges of load. These compression springs can control pressure and flow level of any media transferred through pipelines.

Wire Form Clips
This range of wire form clips is used under harsh working environment. Design of these clips has been generated either by CNC tools or by using pneumatic systems. These clips can be availed in customized specifications.

Belleville Washer
Belleville Washers are suitable for those jobs that are associated with heavy loads. These washers are used as essential parts of automobiles for their strong shock absorption capacity. Offered washers have minimal deflection rate.

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